Sunday, 21 September 2008

Cold start

Hi,and hello, welcome to my blog.I start this blog with a cold,as the name suggest,(permanent critic, nya owang putih) expect to read about my critic and my blabbering about almost anything.  And guys(esp married one) you should by now can guess as well, that I am a wife and a mother.... HAHAHA no offense ladies..... life would be dull without a bit of humor right?
For the past week I made three trips to the clinic, started with my child (eczema), then my maid ( gastric) and the last and most recent visit was me...* sniff sniff*. Each time the clinic was packed, but most of the time,majority of the crowd was family members of the sick,  I suppose its for moral support, but don't they know that clinic is the best place to get infection? All it takes is one to breath in ones cough or sneeze... 
 On my first visit there was this young mother,bringing in her daughter who is about eight months old,she was sitting beside me so I cannot help but heard her asking her maid about her daughter's condition, how many times she vomited,what she had before she vomit,what time she started vomiting,bla bla bla. During my latest visit, there was this one big family came in with one sick boy about one year old, the mom was trying hard to comfort him,failing to do that..  teerah... she passed the boy to the maid, amazingly she can clam him down in less than a minute,I was like "thank god".... because the crying was ballooning my head. But later my heart start to ache, the mom just let her other children a boy and a girl aged about ten and eight to be a nuisance, she didn't even stop her boy slapping me with his hand towel,she just sat there and continued with her texting or MSN. Before their number comes up,she WOW me again,with yet another question and answer between the mom and the maid. How many times the maid gave medicine to her child when was the latest... OMG!!!! I am not branding my self as the perfect mom, but come on... we can't rely everything on our maid, we get them to do the laundry,ironing,house keeping but not with our child, we leave our child for them to look after,yes.. but to leave everything to the maid's caring,no way, might as well get the maid be the step mom.... so to those moms especially the ones with pretty maid starts to be a mother to your child (ones with ugly one can continue with the habit,hehehe) I know some of my friends and family who let their children sleep with the maid, they said and I quote "our maid is a nice lady, all our children love her, they even sleep with her" To my ear it sounds like this " we are so lazy and bad parent, we let our maid to raise our children," If your can't calm down your child when ever they have tantrum or when your child misses your maid more than they misses you,put on the brake, and drive back to the main lane.... mun paham bisai